Mike Stanfill

Director, IoT and Storage Solutions Supermicro, Inc.

As a Business Development Director for Supermicro Mike Stanfill focuses on expanding Supermicro business opportunities in IoT, Edge, Storage and Server infrastructure. With municipal, State and Federal policy makers building out smart cities and buildings, Industry 4.0,  and next generation edge computing, Mike positions technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud technology, 5G, and edge as building blocks to intelligent infrastructure for citizen services, healthcare, transportation, etc. Mike has extensive background in Embedded/Storage Products, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) as well as IP licensing. With a Master of Science in Physics (Scientific Instrumentation) from UC Santa Barbara, he has worked for HID Global (Embedded RFID Security Solutions), LSI Logic (Storage/Embedded Products, ASICs), Virident (Flash Memory based board level products), Tektronix (Bipolar Analog Arrays) and Vitesse Semiconductor (Gallium Arsenide Gate Arrays and Embedded Products). He is a resident of Austin, TX.

2:00 - 3:30

April 28th Conference Day One

Track B - Edge in the Public Realm

Edge Computing presents new opportunities for Intelligent Infrastructure by creating an efficient and  privacy-friendly environment for digital services for the community.  What can we learn from the market of its suitability for the infrastructure environment?


Moderator:  Bill Pugh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Smart Connections Consulting

2.00   LuxTurrim Finland Case Study: Intelligent Infrastructure Ecosystem

LuxTurrim is a Nokia Bell Labs project that developed and demonstrated intelligent infrastructure for smart cities.  Through a joint multi-discipline R&D project the ecosystem of partners developed several new smart infrastructure designs incorporating a variety of sensors, new materials, data processing and analytical platforms along with new service, operation & business models enabling smart city services.   Learn how and why an ecosystem of partners is required to develop and deploy the intelligent infrastructure of tomorrow, and how the data derived from the deployed technology can be delivered.


David Baum, Director, Global Smart Infrastructure Technology, Valmont Industries Inc. 

Michael AllisonVice President of Sales, Head of Cities and Government, Nokia


2.20   Case Study: Philadelphia

Exploring how the City Of Philadelphia views Smart City, IoT & Edge Computing.


Mark WheelerChief Information Officer, City of Philadelphia 


2.40   Augmenting and Scaling Connected Edge for AI, Automation and Governance


Mouli Narayanan, CEO, Zeblok

Saba Arumugam, CTO, CoreStack


3.00   Edge for Intelligent Infrastructure


Mouli Narayanan, CEO, Zeblok  

Saba Arumugam, CTO, CoreStack

Mark Wheeler, CIO, City of Philadelphia 

David Baum, Director, Global Smart Infrastructure Technology

Valmont Industries Inc.

Michael Allison , Vice President of Sales, Head of Cities and Government, Nokia

Mike Stanfill, Director of Storage and IOT Solutions, Supermicro