Intelligent Infrastructure Application of the Year

Topio Networks are excited to announce a new the Intelligent Infrastructure Application of the Year Award, to spotlight the best examples of applications that can be run on intelligent infrastructure.

Shortlisted companies will be showcased at the forthcoming Intelligent Infrastructure conference at the Renaissance Austin Hotel on June 6th & 7th. 

Intelligent Infrastructure is the next generation platform for public sector services. It refers to a system of interconnected physical assets and digital technologies that are designed to collect, analyze, and communicate data in real-time, enabling the infrastructure to optimize its performance and better serve its users. The use of sensors, data analytics, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) in infrastructure systems can help improve their efficiency, safety, and reliability. Examples of intelligent infrastructure include Smart grid and distributed energy resources (DERs), smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, and smart buildings.

We are seeking the best examples of currently available applications to run intelligent infrastructure, and can include (but are not limited to) applications to support sustainability and the energy transition, intelligent transportation, intelligent cities, smart buildings, resilience, defense, and digital twins and modeling.

The finalists will each be awarded:

  • Spotlight Presentation at Intelligent Infrastructure 2023
  • Free Exhibition Showcase at Intelligent Infrastructure 2023
  • Feature on Event website for Intelligent Infrastructure 2023
  • Promotional Assets as shortlisted company/application
  • Opportunity to be selected as final Award Winner, with Trophy presented at Intelligent Infrastructure event and Editorial Feature

Deadline for submission May 15th
Shortlisted companies will be notified by May 25th