Why Attend?

About Intelligent Infrastructure

Integrated intelligent infrastructure is an essential platform to accelerate economic growth into the new digitized age. It provides a new fundamental shared platform to:

  • Rationalize existing and enable new public services
  • Reduce inequalities and provide an environment fostering equal opportunities
  • Manage more effectively risks and create a more resilient infrastructure
  • Create the right physical and digital environment to support the industry at large in their effort to embrace the fourth industrial revolution and leverage the new business opportunities being created
  • All of this has to be done in a way that will be environmentally friendly and as much as possible “carbon free

Our program addresses the critical challenges in making this new innovation a reality, including finding new models for collaboration on shared infrastructure, new models for sharing data, new approaches to standards, regulation & compliance, and implementations of the latest technologies.

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Why Attend the Conference?

Understand the different technologies needed to build an intelligent infrastructure:

    • Unpack the potential architectures to create an underlying network from the Autonomy Institute
    • Learn how edge computing is enabling services in the public realm from City of Philadelphia, Zeblok, Nokia & Valmont
    • Clarify the benefits of building city-scale Digital Twins from NVidia, the Digit Group and the Digital Twin Consortium.
    • Discover how Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure will enable new services for the data age, underpinning new growth, supporting job growth and connecting the unconnected.

Discuss the different financing opportunities:

    • Clarify how to take advantage of the $1.2T IIJA and what money is available for what projects.
    • Understand new financial tools such as Public Private Partnerships can be leveraged to benefit your projects
    • Explore how different models for sharing data can underpin your financial model and re-engineer the relationship with big tech

Discuss and see early examples of Intelligent Infrastructure:

    • Learn from Mayor Adler how Austin is taking advantage Intelligent infrastructure to support new growth
    • Deep dive on how intelligent corridors, such as those in Ohio, Texas, Michigan are pioneering examples of intelligent infrastructure to support the next generation of growth
    • Brainstorm and network with Government, Finance, Project and Tech representatives to refine your project teams