Intelligent Infrastructure 2022 Speakers

Joe Weinman

Advisory Board Member, EDJX

Ross T. Guieb

Executive Director George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex

Michael Clegg

Vice President and General Manager, 5G & Edge Solutions. Supermicro Inc.

William T Nolan

President, Infrastructure Bank for America

Mark Wheeler

CIO, City of Philadelphia. Director, Office of Innovation and Technology.

Randy Iwasaki

Leader, State & Local Transportation, AWS

Tim Drake

Vice President, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITS America

Michael Lee Sherwood

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

Steve Adler

Mayor of Austin

Lt Col Alex “STOIKY” Goldberg

Strategic, Defense and Commercial Engagement Lead, Defense Innovation Unit

Mina Sartipi

Professor University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Ted Lehr

Senior Lecturer, Texas State University

Darran Anderson

Director of Strategy and Innovation, TxDOT

Yonghwan Kim

CEO, Smart Radar System, Inc.

Shivanjli Sharma

Lead, Advanced Air Mobility Project, NASA

Tim Sylvester

President & Founder, Integrated Roadways

Mark Collier

COO, Open Infrastructure Foundation

Patricia Baumhart

VP Business Development for National Security Corporation

Fernando H. Barrera

Associate Director of Financial Services, Corporate and Public Sectors North American Development Bank

Sabapathy Arumugam

Co-founder & CTO, CoreStack

Jody Ranck

Responsible Technologies Research Analyst, Topio Networks

Mouli Narayanan

Mouli Narayanan, CEO Zeblok

Eric Frazier

President & CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Tensor Networks, Inc

Andres Carvallo

CEO & Founder CMG Consulting LLC

Adam Newman

Chief Operating Officer, IEEE-ISTO

James Thomason

CTO & Co-Founder, EDJX

Michael Allison

VP Sales, Head of Govt & Cities, Nokia

Jonathan Stock

Director, National Innovation Center, US Geological Survey

Michael Tischler

Director National Geospatial Program, US Geological Survey

Patricia Pietravalle

Managing Director, CG/LA Infrastructure

Jason Shepherd

Board Chair, LF Edge, Linux Foundation

Osaze Romany

Public Finance Banker, Bancroft Capital Service

Anand Hemnani

Senior Director, Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Daniel C. Gregory

CEO, Available Power, LLC

Jennifer Schmitz

CEO, Founder, Lattice Industries, Inc.

Paul Doherty

President & CEO the digit group

Nadine Alameh, Ph.D

CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium

Philippe Cases

CEO, Topio Networks

Jeffrey DeCoux

Chairman, Autonomy Institute

Don Berchoff

CEO, TruWeather

Dan Isaacs

CTO, Digital Twin Consortium

Alison Silverstein

Silverstein Consulting

David Knight

CEO, Terbine

Bill Pugh

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Smart Connections

Professor Kaushik Chowdhury

Northeastern University and PAWR Representative

Scott Hinson

CTO, Pecan Street

Robert Cruickshank

Co-founder, GRIDIoT

Cole Crawford

CEO and Founder, Vapor IO

David Baum

Director Global Smart Infrastructure Technology Valmont Industries, Inc.

Brent Skorup

Senior Research Fellow Mercatus Center, George Mason University

Rob Spalding

USAF Brigadier General (ret)

Nancy J. Shemwell

Chief Operating Officer - Rural Cloud Initiative

Jennifer Fritzsche

Managing Director at Greenhill

Ed Myers

VP, Tilman Digital Cities

Said Tabet

Board Member, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium

Dr Junseok Hwang

Director, Innovative Human Resource Development Education & Research Group for Smart City Global Convergence; Director, Global R&DB Center, Seoul National University

Yogev Shimony

Sr. Director Edge & IOT Strategy and Solutions Supermicro

Mike Stanfill

Director, IoT and Storage Solutions Supermicro, Inc.

Mike DiCosola

CEO, Drone Industry Systems Corp

Phil Magney

Founder and President, VSI Labs

Night Keyes

President, Eagle Lake Developments

Matthew Reibling

Vice President / Partner

Intelligent Infrastructure Advisory Board

Bill Pugh

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Smart Connections

Renil Paramel

Co-founder and CEO at Strategy of Things

Juanjo Hierro

Chief Technology OfficerFIWARE Foundation and chairman of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee

Paul Doherty

President & CEO the digit group

Jeffrey DeCoux

Chairman, Autonomy Institute

Nadine Alameh, Ph.D

CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium

Jumbi Edulbehram

Global Business Development, AI City, NVIDIA

Philippe Cases

CEO, Topio Networks

Gavin Whitechurch

COO, Topio Networks