Catena – X North America

Pre Conference workshop

Are you ready to join the first open and collaborative data ecosystem for the automotive industry? The Catena-X automotive network is the world’s first business network that is built by industry for industry. It offers scalable and interoperable solutions to tackle our most pressing supply chain challenges, such as sustainability, resilience, and material traceability. 

Together, we build a global data space for our industry to significantly lower costs, boost adoption and unique business value compared to standalone offerings. This data space empowers participants to create a digital replica that extends beyond today’s value chain fragments to run your business process along the entire end to end value chain, and all without compromising data sovereignty – without losing control of rights to your data. This unleashes a radical optimization and re-design of our business processes

Catena-X is the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry of the future, linking global players into end-to-end value chains – as simply, securely and independently as never before.

Catena-X’s first offering will focus on Product Carbon Footprint Tracking, Battery & Product Passports, Resilient Supply Chains, Traceability of parts, Circularity and Master Data Mgt. 

Catena-X North America


Monday June 5th 

12 – 1 pm            Lunch buffet

Session 1:

1 – 2 pm               Understanding Catena-X – 101 on Business Proposition, Value for Users & Outfitters

Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the Board Catena-X / Head of Industry Consortium 

2 – 3 pm               Use Cases and Value Generation

Product carbon footprint, material traceability, circular economy, master data management – various subject matter experts

Session 2:

3 – 4 pm               Digital Sovereignty and the Data Space Solution

How Gaia-X, IDSA and Eclipse help you maintain control of your data – Roland Fadrany, COO Gaia-X; Lars Nagel, CEO International Data Spaces Association; Frank Koester, Head of Institute for AI Safety and Security, German Aerospace Center, and other innovators

Session 3:

 4 – 5 pm               Organization and Getting Involved

Roadmap Catena-X in Americas – get involved, prepared, started for CES 2024 – Oliver Ganser, other leaders.

5 – 7 pm               Networking

Interact with our board members, innovators, and first users.


Join us and talk firsthand to Catena-X board members, leaders from Gaia-X and the International Data Spaces Association.

Be sure to secure your slot with the launch of Catena-X Hub North America. 


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