City Clinic

Get practical advice for your smart city project at Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

What smart city challenges are you facing? And what should you do? Whether you are getting started with smart cities, planning pilots and projects, or implementing initiatives, and need independent advice or a second opinion, Intelligent Infrastructure 2023 offers you a complimentary one-to-one 30-minute problem-solving clinic.

Why sign up for our complimentary problem-solving sessions?

  • Discuss potential solutions and approaches that work for your city
  • Get independent advice and second opinions
  • Get clarity and focus on your strategy and plan

Our problem-solving clinics are led by smart city practitioners Renil Paramel and Benson Chan from Strategy of Things, an innovation consultancy bringing science, strategy and technology to build smarter, more responsive, and resilient cities and communities.

Are you ready to start and accelerate your smart city journey? Please register to attend our complimentary problem-solving clinic today!