Pre-Conference Workshop

Creating & Managing
Public Private Partnerships
to deliver Intelligent Infrastructure

Monday, June 5th 2 pm – 5.30 pm

About this Workshop

Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are a strategic tool for enabling collaboration, creating a vehicle to allow government entities to collaborate with companies and access private capital. 

This workshop is designed to help you get to grips with this instrument and understand its capabilities and subtleties. 

Workshop Format

The interactive workshop will bring together leading P3 experts with both public and private employees to share their needs, viewpoints, experiences and concerns  in a supportive and confidential environment. The interactive, variably paced format will allow plenty of opportunity for interaction, to ask questions and contribute to the workshop direction.


1.  Introduction

  • Overview of workshop agenda
  • Basic Definitions

2.  Simplified Steps in a Public Private Partnership

A. Pre-decisional – Preparation

1. Conceptualizing Project/Developing Goals

a. Developing clear project goals to communicate with decision makers, community,and eventually market participants
b. Identifying budget (for advisors)
c. Clear goals allow for clear feedback from market

2. Building Business Case

a. Identifying funding/revenue
Identifying Risks
c. Value Studies (maybe not formal VfM, but does the project pencil out?)


Refreshment Break 

3. Identifying Project Champion

a. Navigating decision making authority
b. What hurdles will need to be cleared (legislative authority, community buy-in)

4. Hiring Appropriate Advisors with P3 Experience

a. Financial
b. Legal
c. Technical

B. Post Decisional – Structuring

5.Engaging Market (RFI/Market Sounding)
6.Structure of the Project (PDA/Fixed Price)
7.Developing Procurement and Documents

5. P3 Resources and Advisors

4. Q&A

Workshop Leaders






SPI consultants have decades of experience and expertise that can translate into a competitive advantage for clients. The team’s extensive knowledge of government allows them to point clients to upcoming public-private partnership (P3) opportunities early. Meetings with C-level decision-makers and stakeholders are facilitated and teams are developed sometimes before others are aware of the opportunity.

SPI understands the nuances involved in structuring P3 engagements when alternative funding is required. They have a thorough understanding of ‘best practices’ for collaborative partnerships and have successfully demonstrated their value through success in various types of P3s.

P3s are highly-complicated engagements involving multiple and diverse stakeholders. The partnerships created must survive in a political environment where communication is critical. It is important to work with experienced advisers who can facilitate the long-term, trusted relationships required to successfully deliver P3 contracts.

Strategic Partnerships, Inc. was founded by Mary Scott Nabers, a former elected official with an unparalleled understanding of the inner workings of government and decades of experience in accomplishing all types of government objectives for clients. Mary is a recognized P3 expert and the author of Collaboration Nation – How Public-Private Ventures Are Revolutionizing the Business of Government.