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Day One – April 28 2022

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Understanding the Intelligent Infrastructure – Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks

Intelligent Infrastructure – The Opportunity of Our Time
Jeff DeCoux, Chairman, The Autonomy Institute
Patricia Pietravalle, Senior Partner, CG/LA Infrastructure
Anand Hemnani, Senior Director, Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Transforming Austin through Intelligent Infrastructure – Stephen Adler, Mayor, City of Austin

Executive Panel:  Leveraging The Value Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure –  Building the Data Economy
Brent Skorup, Snr Research Fellow, Mercatus Center, George Mason University
Randy Iwasaki, Transportation Leader, Amazon Web Services

Panel Session : Bringing Intelligent Infrastructure to Life – Roadmap for Optimizing Ancillary Revenue to Fund Infrastructure: Ohio Opportunity Corridor
Moderator: Patricia Pietravalle, Senior Partner, CG/LA Infrastructure
Anand Hemnani, Senior Director, Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Understanding the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: What are the Opportunities of Support for Transport Projects?
Timothy Drake, Vice President of Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA)

Federal Data as an Asset for Infrastructure in the 2022 Budget: What Exists, and What Gaps are Important?
Michael Tischler, National Geospatial Program, USGS
Jonathan Stock, Director, National Innovation Center, USGS

Data Spaces: Opening the Next Generation of Data Sharing
Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X

Edge in the Public Realm – LuxTurrim Finland Case Study: Intelligent Infrastructure EcoSystem
David Baum, Director. Global Smart Infrastructure Technology Valmont Industries Inc.
Michael Allison  Vice President of Sales, Head of Cities and Government. Nokia

Case Study: Philadelphia 
Mark Wheeler Chief Information Officer City of Philadelphia

Augmenting and Scaling Connected Edge for AI, Automation and Governance 
Mouli Narayanan, CEO, Zeblok & Sab Arumugam, CTO, CoreStack

Panel: Deploying Edge in the Public Realm
Mouli Narayanan, CEO, Zeblok
Sab Arumugam, CTO, CoreStack
Mark Wheeler, CIO, City of Philadelphia
David Baum, Director, Global Smart Infrastructure Technology. Valmont Industries Inc.
Michael Allison  Vice President of Sales, Head of Cities and Government, Nokia
Mike Stanfill, Director of Storage and IoT Solutions, Supermicro

Day Two - April 29 2022

Establishing International Leadership in AI to Rebuild National Competitiveness 
Jordan Cranshaw, VP, US Chamber of Commerce

Deploying Intelligent Infrastructure – Clarifying Your New Responsibilities in the Data Age
Jody Ranck,  Director, Responsible Technology Program, Topio Networks

Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Resilience
Dan Gregory, CEO, Available Power
Scott Hinson, CTO, Pecan Street
Robert Cruickshank, CTO, GRIDIoT® Power Networks, R&D Liaison, Gridmetrics. Academia and U.S. National Laboratories Liaison, CableLabs.
Andres Carvallo, Co-Director CIEDAR, Texas State

Project Case Study: Intelligent Water Upgrades at Jim Hogg Water 
Fernando Barrera, Associate Director of Financial Services, Corporate and Public Sectors, North American Development Bank

Enabling the Cities of Tomorrow from Edge to Cloud
Michael Clegg, Vice President and General Manager, 5G & Edge Solutions, Supermicro Inc.

The Use of Data in Smart Cities – Comparing Data Sharing Models for Intelligent Infrastructure 
Junseok Hwang – Director, Innovative Human Resource Development Education & Research Group for Smart City Global Convergence; & Director, Global R&DB Center,  Seoul National University
Yonghwan Kim, CEO, Smart Radar System

Measuring the Impact of Intelligent Infrastructure
Mina Sartipi, Guerry Professor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Founding Director, Center for Urban Informatics & Progress

The Edge Economy and the Future of Connected Communities
Joe Weinman, Member of the Board, EDJX

Panel : The Base of the Future
Moderator: Patricia Baumhart, VP Business Development, National Security Corporation
Alex Goldberg, DARPA Fellow & DIU Joint Innovation Officer
Brigadier General (ret.) Robert Spalding
Ross T. Guieb, Executive Director George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex

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Building the Systems of Systems

Digital Twin Cities: Building the City-Scale Digital Twin

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