Powerful & Safe Face-to-Face Networking!

Topio is delighted to introduce Intelligent infrastructure, as an in person event 
You can enjoy the opportunity to meet industry influencers & decision makers in a carefully curated and safe, face  to face environment. 

Networking Made Easy !

Bringing Together Key Influencers and Decision Makers
This unique event brings together the critical groups involved in driving
forward Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure, from federal state & city
government, financial, public & technological organizations.
The audience includes key decision makers from:

  • City, State & Federal
  • Government & Military
  • Transport Infrastructure Providers
  • Public Safety services & communication providers.
  • Energy & Micro Grid Providers
  • Carriers & Service Providers
  • Automotive OEM and Fleet Providers
  • Construction & Operating companies for Smart Buildings
  • Water & Utilities Infrastructure
  • Application Hardware & Software Provider
  • Systems Integrators

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