Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

10:40 | Wednesday 7th June 2023

Panel Discussion: Intelligent Infrastructure for Security & Defense

Intelligent Cities, Digital Twins & Resilience

How can we make our public infrastructure resilient? And how can Intelligent Infrastructure support Security & Defense?

This panel partly explores the global infrastructure race and data security, probing into the factors between current wireless networks and 5G, the role of data, edge computing, how “data is the key resource of the 21st century,” and that Industry 4.0 infrastructure must be a national imperative.

The panel will render insights into how Intelligent Infrastructure can support Security & Defense from the foremost experts in the field. This distinguished group of panelists will consider the interconnected topics tied to answer this question, including:

  • How to avoid the threat of a critical infrastructure take-down through a cyberattack
  • What must be done to address the success that China has had infiltrating American institutions and compromising national security
  • The role of digital infrastructure and new form factors that ensure an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) hardened resistance
  • The facets of National Security that are hinged around the need for infrastructure that enables immediately actionable data where a millisecond delay can mean life or death. 
  • What is the unified open standard needed to support 5G wireless, Edge Computing, Radar, Lidar, enhanced GPS, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and how to solve current infrastructure challenges. 
  • What are the challenges with DoD, the military and how these challenges can be solved with intelligent infrastructure. 
  • What intelligent infrastructure means in the context of our nation’s security and helping the nation move faster