Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

16:20 | Wednesday 7th June 2023

Panel Discussion: Intelligent Infrastructure for Mobility 4.0 and Automated Mobility

Intelligent Infrastructure for Transportation
  • Building a common vision for automated mobility districts (AMDs) for the future, as multiple autonomous/automated vehicle (AV) fleet operations occur within a common district, such as:
    • On-demand transit/micro-transit service
    • Fixed-route transit service
    • Ride-hailing/curb-to-curb car service
    • Cargo and package delivery service
  • Understanding the concept of a future world where a geographically-defined district is served by multiple, fully automated AV fleets – each with a different vehicle technology platform and a uniquely different automated driving system (ADS) technology. 
  • Clarifying how all of these different fleet technologies will be communicating not only with their individual supervisory/dispatch systems, but also with intelligent roadway infrastructure, via a “system-of-systems” 
  • Fulfilling what SAE and USDOT describe as cooperative driving automation (CDA) as the fleets operate through the district roadway network, all while informing and responding to the intelligent infrastructure. This will in turn allow the intelligent infrastructure to do its work of maximizing safety, the overall roadway system operational efficiency, and the AMD’s environmental sustainability.
  • Developing the functional concept of how the internal AV circulation systems also connect to regional high-capacity transit (HCT), with “urban rail” as one of the several possible HCT technologies;  or with AV buses can also serve as the regional HCT technology to which the AMD’s AV circulation systems provide first-mile/last-mile connections.