Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

09:15 | Tuesday 6th June 2023

Panel Discussion: Creating the Public Sector Platform for the New Digital Services

Building the Public Sector Platform for the Digital Economy

Today’s cities and states are facing with ever increasing pressures for their digital services. Added to fundamentals such as resilience, digital inclusion and broadband for all, digital services will increasing be deployed for environmental monitoring, energy management and mobility services.

To achieve those goals, we need to build a real-time, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure that supports the entire city ecosystem. We need to meet the rapidly evolving supply chain, the changing expectations and demographics in the workforce.

This next era of digitizing public infrastructure is one of the greatest opportunities of our time. It will result in more cost-effective services, meet our critical local and national challenges, and provide a platform for future local growth. This panel explores the drivers towards and benefits of such a platform.