Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

14:55 | Wednesday 7th June 2023

Intelligent Corridor Case Studies – SH130

Intelligent Infrastructure for Transportation

The Autonomy Institute is collaborating with Texas cities and agencies on the 90-mile Texas SH130 corridor to create an intelligent, autonomous and electrified corridor. This intelligent corridor will support automated freight and delivery; intelligent and autonomous vehicles; and advanced services to communities along the corridor. It is also designed to accelerate Texas economy and support stronger more resilient communities.

Each Intelligent Corridor will activate PINN clusters to support edge computing, NextG, Broadband, and charging stations within regions that have been previously isolated or disconnected. The deployment will support near-term and long-term services to our communities. The SH130 Coalition is developing an integrated deployment plan for the entire 92-mile stretch the highway. The PINNs will support include broadband, advanced wireless, connected systems sensors, assured position-navigation-timing, charging infrastructure, edge computing, and more. Leading deployment partners include computing, network, wireless, fiber, engineering, electric, cloud, intelligent transportation, micro weather, data exchanges, and other sectors.

The Autonomy Institute is accelerating the “Path to Commerce” for connected and autonomous systems – moving quickly on establishing a number of autonomous infrastructure GRIDS and autonomous mobility corridors. Intelligent infrastructure enables secure, low-latency machine to machine (M2M) networks; edge computing, high precision positioning for M2M interactions; and geospatial 4D grid.