Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

15:00 | Tuesday 6th June 2023

Panel Discussion: Digitizing the Energy Transition for Sustainability & Resilience

Intelligent Infrastructure for Sustainability & Energy Transition

Amongst the challenges facing federal, state & local leaderships, the greatest in undoubtedly the energy transition – the move away from fossil fuels to a variety of sustainable energy sources. These sources have many characteristics that differ from those previously utilized, being  more distributed, more geographically varied, and having different diurnal generation patterns.

  • How do we ensure resilient & reliable energy services provision throughout and beyond the transition?
  • What role can Intelligent infrastructure play, for instance in contributing though  managing the transition through monitoring, load balancing and integration? 
  • And what role can the energy infrastructure play in providing other key digital services, such as broadband for all?  
  • This panel explores the macro challenges facing energy generation and transmission, and identifies the role for intelligent infrastructure.