Agenda - Intelligent Infrastructure 2023

11:15 | Tuesday 6th June 2023

Panel Discussion: Creating a Data Collaboration Platform

Building the Public Sector Platform for the Digital Economy

The demand for Automation, AI, and autonomous decision-making will require a transition from smart to intelligent collaborative systems that can process and analyze data to make the most impactful decision at the right time, sometimes in real time. 

Data will update 3D representations from CAD systems creating updated real-time digital twins. Data teams analyze data from the digital twins with simulation to optimize physical investments and leverage Artificial Intelligence models to orchestrate the interactions between robots, cloud-based systems, and intelligent spaces leveraging machine-to-machine transactions.

As the number of services will be endless, platforms will have to publish their data in data spaces, and this data will be readily available for trusted partners to use. Each platform will be responsible for its data, guaranteeing its authenticity and genuine data use, establishing and maintaining a trust framework between participants. 

How do we create and maintain a trust data platform? How does it collaborate and update other data platforms? We are going to review the most recent evolution of this new emerging trend.

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