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Mike Dunbar

Chief Revenue Officer - Rekor Systems

Mike Dunbar is Chief Revenue Officer of Rekor Systems, Inc. As a leader in data-driven technology, Mike has specialized in building mission-critical video surveillance and security solutions for safe and smart environments that serve the general public. At Rekor Systems, Mike assists transportation agencies, law enforcement agencies, and global businesses to overcome the increasing challenges of planning, building, and managing the shift to intelligent digital infrastructure. The mission at Rekor is to provision a digital infrastructure layer that creates safer, sustainable, and more equitable roadways. With 30+ years in the IT industry, his career started in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he advanced to managing global computer defense operations on enterprise and war-fighting networks. He also spent time at Pivot3 where he helped global businesses, security, and IT teams overcome the increasing challenges of managing video infrastructure, including cities, mass transit and federal facilities. Mike has a master’s degree in Information & Telecommunications Systems Management from Capital Technology University and a bachelor’s degree in Management Science & Information Systems and a minor in Economics from Penn State University.


Intelligent Infrastructure - Day 2 - June 7, 2023
Intelligent Infrastructure Application Showcase – Session 2
Application Showcase
Speaking companies: Rekor Systems, Ouster, US Ignite, Sensytec, Outsight
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