Tim Sylvester

President & Founder, Integrated Roadways

Tim Sylvester is an electrical & computer engineer, entrepreneur, and project manager. With nearly two decades of experience in construction, Tim has been featured in numerous regional and national publications and other media, including CNN and the Wall Street Journal, and has won multiple awards for engineering, innovation, entrepreneurship, and other related honors.

10:50 - 11:20

April 28th Conference Day One

Panel Session : Bringing Intelligent Infrastructure to Life - Roadmap for Optimizing Ancillary Revenue to Fund Infrastructure: The Ohio Opportunity Corridor

The Ohio Opportunity Corridor is a prime example of how digitization and electrification could be built into new infrastructure while presenting a robust return on investment for private financiers. No longer a cost center, when it is finalized the digitized and electrified 83-mile platform will have seven highly robust revenue streams – from high voltage electricity to rural broadband, to 5G and sensors for autonomous trucking.


Anand Hemnani, Senior Director, Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Tim Sylvester, President & Founder, Integrated Roadways



Patricia Pietravalle, Senior Partner, CG/LA Infrastructure