Scott Hinson

CTO, Pecan Street

Scott is the Chief Technology Officer at Pecan Street, where he leads the Pecan Street Lab and directs research efforts to study the grid and climate impacts for integrating renewable technologies, electric vehicles, and software enabled smart devices that will modernize and decarbonize the electric and transportation sectors. Prior to Pecan Street, Scott worked at a thin film CIGS solar module manufacturer where he led module packaging, performance, certification and reliability efforts. Scott has also worked in the military, medical, consumer and oil industries developing power supplies, precision measurement equipment and inductive heating technologies. Scott received his B.S.E.E. from The University of Texas at Austin with undergraduate specializations in both communications systems and power distribution. Scott was awarded the 2015 Outstanding Engineering Award for “transforming the world’s understanding of consumer and community electricity usage” by the the IEEE Power Engineering Society Central Texas Chapter. He is also a contributing author to Transmission & Distribution World Magazine.

9:10 - 9:40

April 29th Conference Day Two

Panel: Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Resilience

Energy is integral to the intelligent infrastructure vision. The renewal of infrastructure brings with it the opportunity to renew the power infrastructure in alignment with the new requirements of Electric Vehicles, renewables, and localized generation and storage; and with a microgrid approach for a resilient energy future. 


Scott Hinson, CTO, Pecan Street 

Dan Gregory, CEO, Available Power 

Robert Cruickshank, Chief Technology Officer GRIDIoT® by RCA 
Gridmetrics™ R&D Liaison, CableLabs Academia and U.S. National Laboratories Liaison

Andres Carvallo, Co-Director CIEDAR, Texas State