Robert Cruickshank

Co-founder, GRIDIoT

Robert Cruickshank is a technology strategist and implementer of electric load shaping that enables demand from buildings and transportation to maximize renewable energy and minimize fuel costs and carbon emissions. A 40-year researcher in energy & telecom, Cruickshank began developing smart buildings at Bell Labs and currently builds electric grid monitoring and control applications with CableLabs and the U.S. DOE National Labs.


Prior to DOE funding, Dr. Cruickshank was an operations architect and senior vice president at Cablevision Systems. Prior to Cablevision, he developed and deployed Operations & Business Support Systems for ARRIS. He joined ARRIS as part of the acquisition of C-COR, which acquired Stargus, a network management company he cofounded to streamline cable modem deployment.


Dr. Cruickshank served as vice president, Broadband Internet Access at CableLabs, where he led the team in creating the DOCSIS® world standard cable modem. Two billion+ modems have been shipped. After recruiting visiting engineers, developing, and certifying the very first DOCSIS networks, Dr. Cruickshank served as vice president engineering and interim CTO of Road Runner High Speed Online, responsible for the design of broadband networks and data centers across the U.S.–while tripling the business annually.


Dr. Cruickshank has been granted numerous patents in transactive energy management, telecommunications network management, and customer service management. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science with honors in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He received his summa cum laude Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering (smart buildings, grids, energy conservation and control systems) from the University of Colorado Boulder. He is an avid mechanic and pilot trained in low-level and airdrop operations by the U.S. Air Force and Wyoming Air National Guard.

9:10 - 9:40

April 29th Conference Day Two

Panel: Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Resilience

Energy is integral to the intelligent infrastructure vision. The renewal of infrastructure brings with it the opportunity to renew the power infrastructure in alignment with the new requirements of Electric Vehicles, renewables, and localized generation and storage; and with a microgrid approach for a resilient energy future. 


Scott Hinson, CTO, Pecan Street 

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Robert Cruickshank, Chief Technology Officer GRIDIoT® by RCA 
Gridmetrics™ R&D Liaison, CableLabs Academia and U.S. National Laboratories Liaison

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