Philippe Cases

CEO, Topio Networks

Philippe is the Co-Founder and CEO of Topio Networks, an industry catalyst accelerating the formation markets by creating communities. Topio Networks has a community of 1.2 million professionals dedicated to making the business of connected things a reality.

In addition to running the company, I specialize my practice in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Mobility and Smart Cities authoring or coauthoring landscapes in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Mobility (connected cars and automated vehicles). I am also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and run the weekly readwrite labs webinar.

Prior to Topio, I was a General Partner of venture funds and made investments consistently as a Venture Capitalist in data technology with companies such as RIghtpoint (Acq. by e.piphany) , Adknowledge (Acq. by CMGI), Inquira (Acq, by Oracle), Vue Technology (Acq. by Sensormatic), Jaspersoft (Acq. by Tibco), Silk Technology (Acq. By Palantir), and Akili Interactive.

I have been my entire life interested by innovation: while in engineering school, I helped launch my school local radio station and my home town first job fair. During my first job in the mid-1980s, I became interested in Big Data and AI. At the time, I helped develop one of the first commercial rule engines to select loans and build a report generator focused on evaluating company financial risks. Both products have been used at the time in the bank branches.

As part of being an investor, I spotted SaaS as a trend in 1997 and made my first investments in the space then. Following the early 2000 meltdown, I developed a model to spot financial trends and evaluate timing of investment opportunities. This approach contributed to my firm top decile fund return in the two funds I was involved with. The landscapes that you are seeing now are directly inherited from this methodology.

Specialties: Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Dapps, Open Source, SaaS, Low-cost business model, Edge Computing, IoT

7:30 - 7:45

June 23rd AI Executive Conference


Topio Networks

8:45 - 9:00

April 28th Conference Day One

Chairman's Introduction: Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Why is the shared intelligent infrastructure critical to growth?
  • What opportunities are there to reposition governments relationship with big  tech and  reclaim control of data ?
  • How does the integrated intelligent infrastructure vision fit with our existing view of infrastructure and smart cities?
  • What pieces of this puzzle are already in place, and  what remains to be done?

Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks

2:00 - 3:30

April 28th Conference Day One

Track A - Data Sharing Models

Intelligent infrastructure open up huge new opportunities around data, in which the data can inform and power new economic growth. Its also allows for a new relationship with data, and - perhaps - for government and public entities to reshape their role in the data sharing economy and redress the balance of their relationship with tech.


Moderator: Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks


2.00   Data Spaces: Opening the Next Generation of Data Sharing

Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X


2.30 The Wilmington Delaware Demonstration Project: “Planting the SEED: A Smart-City-In-A-Box Solution

This Standardized Entry Enterprise Deployment (SEED®) demonstration program incorporates an entry level connectivity system that is scalable to fit the needs of a digitally growing population and commercial opportunity.  The system incorporates mesh network technology, edge operating services, and mutualizes costs for institutional member-stakeholders who can develop, trade, clear and settle data exchange transactions securely which will speed up the overall digital ecosystem in incorporating more nodes which will become the “connector of blockchains” both public and private.


Jennifer Schmitz, CEO, Founder, Lattice Industries


2.50  Data Sharing Models for Intelligent Infrastructure

Edge computing allows abstraction of data and for individuals, but what issues are to be resolved around the sharing of data, and why are there differing approaches? This session unpacks the issues around data sharing and compares and contrasts approaches to data sharing.


Jennifer SchmitzCEO, Founder, Lattice Industries 

Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X

Professor Junseok Hwang Director, Global R&DB Center, Seoul National University, Director, Innovative Human Resource Development Education and Research Group for Smart City Global Convergence, Seoul National University


4:00 - 5:30

April 28th Conference Day One

Track B - Building the System of Systems

Moderator: Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks


4.00  Understanding the Key Issues in Building a System of Systems

Adam Newman, COO, IEEE-ISTO


4.20   Panel: Building the Platform for Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure

How do we build the systems to systems to ensure the efficient deployment of universal intelligent infrastructure?

Jason ShepherdBoard Chair, LF Edge, The Linux Foundation

Said Tabet, Board Member, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium 

Nadine Alameh, CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium 

Mark Collier, COO, Open Infrastructure  Foundation

Adam Newman, COO, IEEE-ISTO

2:00 - 3:30

April 29th Conference Day Two

Track A - Digital Twin Cities

Moderator: Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks


2.00    Benefits and Monetization of the Digital Twin City

            Paul Doherty, Chairman, the Digit Group


2.20    Digital Twins & Synthetic Data

             Jumbi Edulbehram, Global Business Development, AI City, NVIDIA


2. 40   Building the City-Scale Digital Twin

Paul Doherty, Chairman, the Digit Group

Jumbi Edulbehram, Global Business Development, AI City, NVIDIA
Michael diCosola, CEO, Drone Industry Systems Corp
Phil Magney, CEO, VSI Labs
Said Tabet, Board Member, Object Management Group