Patricia Pietravalle

Managing Director, CG/LA Infrastructure
9:00 - 9:15

April 28th Conference Day One

Intelligent Infrastructure - The Opportunity of Our Time

Intelligent Infrastructure will enable mobility 4.0 & reach vision zero, eliminate the digital divide, accelerate economic growth, create millions of jobs, and build stronger more resilient communities. This Build-Out will be the most significant transformation of our infrastructure since Eisenhower's Interstate Highway program in the 1950's


Jeff DeCouxChairman, The Autonomy Institute

10:50 - 11:20

April 28th Conference Day One

Panel Session : Bringing Intelligent Infrastructure to Life - Roadmap for Optimizing Ancillary Revenue to Fund Infrastructure: The Ohio Opportunity Corridor

The Ohio Opportunity Corridor is a prime example of how digitization and electrification could be built into new infrastructure while presenting a robust return on investment for private financiers. No longer a cost center, when it is finalized the digitized and electrified 83-mile platform will have seven highly robust revenue streams – from high voltage electricity to rural broadband, to 5G and sensors for autonomous trucking.


Anand Hemnani, Senior Director, Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Tim Sylvester, President & Founder, Integrated Roadways



Patricia Pietravalle, Senior Partner, CG/LA Infrastructure