Mark Collier

COO, Open Infrastructure Foundation

Mark has been lucky enough to participate in many disruptive technology shifts, from the introduction of the first GPUs at Dell in the 90s as a product manager, to the digital music/MP3 transition at Musicmatch as Director of Business Development. After Yahoo! acquired Musicmatch, combining the #1 streaming radio service with the #1 digital music app, Mark served as Sr Director, establishing strategic partnerships for one of the first on demand streaming music services. In 2009, Mark joined Rackspace, an early pioneer in cloud computing, as VP of Business Development, focused on building their cloud ecosystem.

In 2010, to accelerate the cloud ecosystem's development, Mark co-founded a new open source cloud computing project called OpenStack, in partnership with NASA and 25 other organizations globally. OpenStack quickly became one of the fastest growing open source projects in history. In 2012, Mark co-founded the Open Infrastructure Foundation to manage the growth of the project, where he now serves at the COO. Today, OpenStack is one of the 3 most actively developed open source projects in the world, along with the Linux kernel and Chromium.

Mark is now helping to expand and evolve the Foundation’s mission, bringing the unique open collaboration method established by the OpenStack community to many new open source projects across the cloud infrastructure market, including Kata Containers, the Zuul CI/CD platform, the StarlingX edge computing platform, and Airship.
4:00 - 5:30

April 28th Conference Day One

Track B - Building the System of Systems

Moderator: Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks


4.00  Understanding the Key Issues in Building a System of Systems

Adam Newman, COO, IEEE-ISTO


4.20   Panel: Building the Platform for Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure

How do we build the systems to systems to ensure the efficient deployment of universal intelligent infrastructure?

Jason ShepherdBoard Chair, LF Edge, The Linux Foundation

Said Tabet, Board Member, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium 

Nadine Alameh, CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium 

Mark Collier, COO, Open Infrastructure  Foundation

Adam Newman, COO, IEEE-ISTO