Joe Weinman

Advisory Board Member, EDJX

Joe Weinman was most recently SVP at Telx (now Digital Realty) and has held executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, and HP, in areas such as corporate strategy, R&D and innovation management, partner and business development, product management, operations, and sales and marketing.  He currently serves on the advisory boards of Syntropy Networks, EDJX, Ramprate, Bit Trap, the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and the 5G and Fog/Edge Industry Advisory Boards of the IEEE.  He’s been awarded 27 patents, in areas such as pseudoternary line coding, cloud and distributed computing, Internet search algorithms, homomorphic encryption, and cellular telephony.

He’s a global keynoter and digital strategist who has spoken at over four hundred events and is the author of the Amazon #1 New Release Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things (Wiley CIO, 2015), also available in Chinese: 新动能 新法则 (PTPress, 2016); Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing (Wiley, 2012), also translated as 云经济学 (PTPress, 2014) and 云端时代 (PTPress, 2015); co-editor of Fog and Fogonomics: Challenges and Practices of Fog Computing, Communication, Networking, Strategy, and Economics (Wiley ICT Series); and a contributor to Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure (MIT Press, 2014) and Guide to Big Data Applications (Springer Studies in Big Data, 2018).

His business and technical articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CIO, InformationWeek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Wired, CNN Money, and elsewhere; he has appeared on satellite, broadcast, and online channels of ViacomCBS, Sky, TVB Pearl, Channel NewsAsia, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal; and he was the contributing editor of the cloud economics column for IEEE Cloud Computing magazine for five years and is now the contributing editor for Digital Strategy and Economics for the forthcoming IEEE Cloud Continuum.

He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Cornell University and UW-Madison and has completed exec ed at the International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Pace University.

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11:40 - 12:00

April 29th Conference Day Two

The Edge Economy and the Future of Connected Communities

The first three generations of Internet growth, including the advent of cloud computing, connected people at home, then businesses, then people and businesses whether stationary or mobile. The result is an Internet that serves over 8 billion people and 13 billion connected devices. The Fourth Internet will be orders of magnitude larger. The consequence of this growth will result in the single largest Internet economy in history - the edge economy – eclipsing $4T annually by 2030.

To serve the projected market for connected things, the architecture of the Fourth Internet will be different. It will require unprecedented low-latency, high-performance compute and network capacity that are interconnected at the ‘Edge’ where delivery, utility and commerce must be securely decentralized. The era of IoT will power augmented reality, empower decision-making via AI and machine learning, operate cars and increase public safety. 

But to realize this vision will require both a fundamental re-thinking of the architecture of the Internet and, at the same time, a full embrace of Industry 4.0 infrastructure as a national priority. 

The keynote will cover these topics in the context of how helping secure our nation’s future is tied to the innovation that comes from public-private partnerships (P3s) - and why leveraging decentralized technology is essential to building the future of the Internet economy. 


Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX

2:00 - 3:30

April 29th Conference Day Two

Track B: Application Management

What are the challenges of managing applications for smart intelligent infrastructure?



Bill Pugh, Managing Partner, Smart Connections


2.00  Managing the Multi-Tenancy Edge 

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX


2.20   Managing Intelligent Infrastructure

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io


2.40  Panel: Managing Applications at the Edge

  • What are the challenges of managing applications at the edge?
  • How do application management requirements differ in smart infrastructure in campus, city, suburban and rural environments?
  • How should workloads be managed between the elements of a smart infrastructure architecture - such as a Public Infrastructure Network Node (such as EDJX), localized data center (such as vapor) and cloud?

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX

           Ed Myers, VP, Tilman Digital Cities  

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io

           Nancy Shemwell, COO, Rural Cloud Initiative  

           Eric Frazier, President & CEO, Tensor Networks