Jody Ranck

Responsible Technologies Research Analyst, Topio Networks

Dr. Ranck has over 30 years of experience working in the global health and health technology. Author of two books on digital health, he is a globally recognized thought leader on digital health and has extensive experience advising both startups and large healthcare organization.. He is currently the EVP of Global Health Strategy at Ram Global and a Senior Analyst covering AI and analytics for Chilmark Research. As well as being a member of the Topio team holding the position of Responsible Technologies Research Analyst. Jody holds a Doctorate in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.

8:50 - 9:10

April 29th Conference Day Two

Responsible Intelligent Infrastructure - Clarifying Your Responsibilities in the New Data Age

As AI becomes more prevalent in the lives of citizens there are serious concerns about how AI applications should be governed and how transparency can be enacted. Mechanisms for accountability and recourse to remediation when algorithmic decisions cause harm need to be developed across industries. This presentation will look at some case studies of constructive measures to build trust that can also change the nature of AI applications, companies that are building solutions to address ethical issues and the possible futures that could arise from organizational or institutional changes that promote fair and just AI across numerous industries


Jody Ranck Responsible Technology Program Director, Topio Networks