Jennifer Schmitz

CEO, Founder, Lattice Industries, Inc.

Successful senior executive with proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for large scale strategic clients in the real estate, financial services, payments and technology verticals. Over 20 years of experience in large account business development and strategic revenue planning. Deep experience with working across organization lines to develop customized solutions (products and services) for large strategic clients that result in ROI worthy of the effort. Deep experience in the creation and deployment of innovative technologies and services to a global market. Experienced in large-scale, multi-faceted contract negotiation. Proficient in building executive relationships and developing long-term internal and external partnerships. Overall effective communicator with C-level executives and key decision-makers.

2:00 - 3:30

April 28th Conference Day One

Track A - Data Sharing Models

Intelligent infrastructure open up huge new opportunities around data, in which the data can inform and power new economic growth. Its also allows for a new relationship with data, and - perhaps - for government and public entities to reshape their role in the data sharing economy and redress the balance of their relationship with tech.


Moderator: Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Networks


2.00   Data Spaces: Opening the Next Generation of Data Sharing

Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X


2.30 The Wilmington Delaware Demonstration Project: “Planting the SEED: A Smart-City-In-A-Box Solution

This Standardized Entry Enterprise Deployment (SEED®) demonstration program incorporates an entry level connectivity system that is scalable to fit the needs of a digitally growing population and commercial opportunity.  The system incorporates mesh network technology, edge operating services, and mutualizes costs for institutional member-stakeholders who can develop, trade, clear and settle data exchange transactions securely which will speed up the overall digital ecosystem in incorporating more nodes which will become the “connector of blockchains” both public and private.


Jennifer Schmitz, CEO, Founder, Lattice Industries


2.50  Data Sharing Models for Intelligent Infrastructure

Edge computing allows abstraction of data and for individuals, but what issues are to be resolved around the sharing of data, and why are there differing approaches? This session unpacks the issues around data sharing and compares and contrasts approaches to data sharing.


Jennifer SchmitzCEO, Founder, Lattice Industries 

Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X

Professor Junseok Hwang Director, Global R&DB Center, Seoul National University, Director, Innovative Human Resource Development Education and Research Group for Smart City Global Convergence, Seoul National University