Eric Frazier

President & CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Tensor Networks, Inc

Mr. Frazier founded Tensor Networks in 2019 to make the utilization of data science, cloud, and
accelerated computing solutions with full networking more accessible to more users. These disciplines have traditionally been separate disciplines across different platforms making it very difficult to integrate new value into a system. Tensor Networks converges these functions into a single system that utilizes COTS hardware to reduce costs and create new opportunities. This is especially true for applications with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Mr. Frazier received a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX and attended graduate studies in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard University.
Prior to Tensor Networks Mr. Frazier has 25 years of business experience across multiple segments with several prestigious firms such as IBM, Cisco, Itron, and Oracle.
Mr. Frazier is passionate mentoring business students about being entrepreneurs, transparency in government, and alleviating poverty through education and innovation with access to capital markets. Personal interests include hiking, and motorcycles.
Mr. Frazier resides in Sunnyvale, CA.

2:00 - 3:30

April 29th Conference Day Two

Track B: Application Management

What are the challenges of managing applications for smart intelligent infrastructure?



Bill Pugh, Managing Partner, Smart Connections


2.00  Managing the Multi-Tenancy Edge 

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX


2.20   Managing Intelligent Infrastructure

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io


2.40  Panel: Managing Applications at the Edge

  • What are the challenges of managing applications at the edge?
  • How do application management requirements differ in smart infrastructure in campus, city, suburban and rural environments?
  • How should workloads be managed between the elements of a smart infrastructure architecture - such as a Public Infrastructure Network Node (such as EDJX), localized data center (such as vapor) and cloud?

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX

           Ed Myers, VP, Tilman Digital Cities  

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io

           Nancy Shemwell, COO, Rural Cloud Initiative  

           Eric Frazier, President & CEO, Tensor Networks