Cole Crawford

CEO and Founder, Vapor IO

Cole Crawford is CEO and founder of Vapor IO, the creators of the Kinetic Edge™ platform. Vapor IO is the leading provider of edge colocation, edge networking and edge interconnection services. Cole has been a thought leader in the data center technology and edge computing industry for over a decade. Cole is a founding board member of the Open19 Foundation, the founding executive director of the Open Compute Project Foundation and co-founder of OpenStack. He is leading Vapor IO in developing the largest nationwide edge colocation and interconnection platform at the edge of the cellular network. Cole is a Forbes contributor, has been named to Data Economy’s list of The World’s Most Influential Data Economy Leaders and The World’s First Top 50 Edge Computing Influencers.

2:00 - 3:30

April 29th Conference Day Two

Track B: Application Management

What are the challenges of managing applications for smart intelligent infrastructure?



Bill Pugh, Managing Partner, Smart Connections


2.00  Managing the Multi-Tenancy Edge 

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX


2.20   Managing Intelligent Infrastructure

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io


2.40  Panel: Managing Applications at the Edge

  • What are the challenges of managing applications at the edge?
  • How do application management requirements differ in smart infrastructure in campus, city, suburban and rural environments?
  • How should workloads be managed between the elements of a smart infrastructure architecture - such as a Public Infrastructure Network Node (such as EDJX), localized data center (such as vapor) and cloud?

          Joe Weinman, Advisor to the Board, EDJX

           Ed Myers, VP, Tilman Digital Cities  

           Cole Crawford, CEO, Vapor.io

           Nancy Shemwell, COO, Rural Cloud Initiative  

           Eric Frazier, President & CEO, Tensor Networks