Andres Carvallo

CEO & Founder CMG Consulting LLC

Andres Carvallo is the founder and CEO of CMG Consulting, a strategic planning and advisory firm focus on Smart Grids, Smart Utilities, Smart Cities, and Smart Buildings. Additionally, Andres has three key roles at Texas State University. Andres is a Materials Applications Research Center (MARC) Fellow, Professor of Innovation in the College of Science and Engineering, and Co-Director of Connected Infrastructure for Education, Demonstration and Applied Research (CIEDAR) Center. CIEDAR has 100 plus faculty, 250 students, 32 traditional labs, and 9 living labs focus in 5G/IoT, Mobility, Utilities, Cities, Infrastructure and Buildings, Energy, Water & Wastewater, Sensors, and BigData/Software.

Carvallo is known as the “Godfather of the smart grid” for designing and building the very first smart grid in the US at Austin Energy, the author of “The Advanced Smart Grid” and has published 40 titles in Power Engineering, Telecom/IoT, and Building Technologies. Carvallo has received 36 industry awards since 2005. Carvallo has held c-suite and senior executive roles at Austin Energy, Philips Electronics, Digital Equipment Corp, Borland, six IoT, telecom and Internet startups. Carvallo started his career as a Windows Product Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. At Austin Energy, Carvallo was the CIO/CTO and led a storied $4billion deployment of technology, in 2,500 projects, with a 98% on-time and on-budget transformation from 2003 to 2010. Carvallo received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Kansas with a concentration in Robotics and Control Systems. And Carvallo also has received post-graduate certificates in Business Management from Stanford University, in Quality Management from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, and in Power Utility Management from The University of Idaho.

9:10 - 9:40

April 29th Conference Day Two

Panel: Intelligent Infrastructure for Energy Resilience

Energy is integral to the intelligent infrastructure vision. The renewal of infrastructure brings with it the opportunity to renew the power infrastructure in alignment with the new requirements of Electric Vehicles, renewables, and localized generation and storage; and with a microgrid approach for a resilient energy future. 


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